If you think women don’t look at the state of your feet, think again. The odd splash of moisturiser is also not going to cut it – haul out the big guns and give yourself a decent pedicure. Here’s what to do – and what to avoid.

DO use moisturiser, and lots of it. Winter has the nasty habit of drying out your skin, but moisturiser will keep your cuticles soft and your nails flexible.
DO clean underneath the nail. Lots of dirt gets trapped under there from day-to-day activities, and it looks gross – a guaranteed turn-off for the ladies!
DO pay attention to the whole foot. Exfoliate the skin around your toes and treat calluses by sanding them down with a pumice stone.

DON’T cut your nails too far – it will result in ingrown toenails, which will make walking painful.
DON’T cut your nails in any shape other than a gentle oval. Points and jagged edges can be made smooth with the use of a nail file.
DON’T be put off by the feminine image of a pedicure. Looking after yourself should be a priority.