Dex Kotze, CEO of Jenna Clifford (Pty) Ltd.
WHY? Besides the Jenna Clifford concern and jewellery studios throughout Gauteng, my wife and I have various businesses in Mpumalanga. Getting there usually takes five hours by car, so four years ago, I obtained my helicopter pilot’s licence and now manage to commute in 90 minutes. It’s also a lot safer.
MONTHLY EXPENDITURE? Fuel costs R11 000 a month, but it’s actually more economical than driving a luxury car if one considers time, wear and tear on the vehicle and depreciation of value. A helicopter retains much of its value, as it’s a dollar-based asset – you can actually use it for a few years and then sell it for more than its original price!
THE VERDICT? Definitely something to aspire to.

WHO? Michale de Boucherville, Managing Member of Dizin Interiors.
WHY? I love the look, the sound and the comfort of a Harley. There are also many accessories available to individualise the bike to your requirements. And it’s great to be able to share my passion for Harleys with fellow enthusiasts.
My bike is very economical on petrol, so running costs are low in terms of regular services, tyres and insurance – I’d estimate the total cost per month at around R1 000.
THE VERDICT? Fast, loud and reliable.

WHO? Faizal Motlekar, Executive Chairman: M5 Developments.
WHY? As a businessman, time is money, so use of the plane allows me to get to meetings a lot quicker and it’s convenient. Airports can be tricky and timeconsuming; you’re expected to arrive two hours early and sometimes deal with delays. I get to the airport 15 minutes before my scheduled chartered flight and I’m assured I will get back on time – and so will my luggage. It’s really about enhancing productivity and convenience.
MONTHLY EXPENDITURE? Chartering a privately-owned jet costs around R10 000 an hour, and it’s used approximately 20 hours a month.
THE VERDICT? Donald Trump who? You’ve arrived.