Cars are not just inanimate objects that ferry us from point A to point B. They have character and are an extension of your personality. If you are fortunate enough to own a sporty set of wheels, then it goes without saying that your car makes you feel special. Naming your vehicle helps to express and enhance that special feeling.  

Here are a few pointers that should help in the naming process:
– Consider the brand of car when choosing a name. Harry Hyundai, Rene the Renault and Larry Lexus are good examples.
– Incorporate some of your car’s features into its name. If a car is bright yellow, Tweety could work as a name. How about a nice big Hummer called the Hulk?
– Cartoon characters are popular choices. Garfield, Batman, Buttercup, Dexter… The possibilities are endless!
– Your registration plate letters can contribute to your vehicle’s name. A friend’s first car had a PBH-number plate, which became the name Playboy Honey!