10. Sunglasses
Aside from looking stylish and masculine, sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can damage your vision. Sunglasses also reduce the number of wrinkles in the eye area, because you squint less.

9. Belt
Any form of pants, be it jeans or smart trousers, need a belt. Remember to match the belt to the pants. Wear a big buckled leather belt for denims and a thin suit belt with office wear.  

8. Jewellery
There’s nothing like a bit of bling to draw attention to yourself. But don’t overdo it – you don’t want to resemble a Greek shipping tycoon with acres of gold splashed across your chest. Pick something subtle like a simple titanium ring and bracelet for great effect.

7. Messenger bag
These are in fashion now and the range is staggering! The great thing about them is that you can store all your typical man items (phone, wallet, keys, cheque book etc) with no risk of losing anything. Leather messenger bags cost more, but are really worth the money.

6. Wristwatch
Nearly every cell phone has a clock, but a watch says so much more about you. You don’t need to spend the equivalent amount of a small country’s GDP to find a decent time piece – just shop around to find something simple and stylish.

5. Tie bar
If you’re a corporate type, this is a must-have if you wish to impress clients, colleagues and superiors. A stainless steel tie bar is very classy.

4. Cufflinks
On a suit, cufflinks are essential for formal functions. There are thousands of designs available, ranging from super-car brand logos to plain round studs.

3. Tie
Ties are fun and can be used to great effect. Forget the boring and bland standard corporate tie – thin ties are in. If tied in an asymmetrical four-in-hand knot, this tie should remind you of Reservoir Dogs and The Beatles.

2. Blazer
A blazer is a great addition to your wardrobe, as it instantly smartens up your outfit. It can even be worn with jeans for a different style. You’ll get many opportunities to use it.

1. Scarf
A scarf is probably the best-bang-for-your-buck accessory, as most are fairly inexpensive. Scarves are fairly underrated style pieces, which not only keep your neck warm but also work wonders in the style and sophistication department. Colours such as brown, khaki and olive work well.