Clothes shopping for the office isn’t the easiest of tasks, and the problem is usually compounded by good quality clothes being expensive. Everyone wants to look professional in the office, but should your wardrobe bankrupt you? Of course not! There are alternatives to the expensive clothes that everyone wants.

Avoid buying brands
You might want to buy the latest and greatest brands out there as it usually means quality, but a pair of designer pants are likely to cost almost five times as much as pants from a department store, which is just as comfortable.

Shop during sales
Even though people are claiming that the recession has lifted, shops are still struggling to make ends meet. The only way they can do this is by having sales. Fight through the masses of people and, chances are, you will find really good bargains.

Choose your shoes wisely
Comfort and long-lasting are the key words here. You want footwear that will last a few years, at least. Again, stay away from the big branded shoe companies that charge four figures for a single pair. Head off to your local department store and look for traditional leather lace ups that won’t leave a hole in the budget.