10. Side part
Admittedly, this style is for the more distinguished types, but there is nothing to stop a guy from being different and attempting to appear sophisticated. Think George Clooney.

9. Long hair
Long hair ain't just for rock stars! When done correctly, long hair can look fantastic and ladies love it. Johnny Depp managed to pull off long hair extraordinarily well.

8. Short ‘n neat
This is one of the simplest, most popular haircuts. It is not too outrageous and is easy to maintain. Manchester United striker Michael Owen is a great example.

7. "Scene" style
If the wannabe rock star look is too tame for you, then how about going for the "scene" look? It's wild, in your face and will turn heads. But beware – it require a lot of effort to get right and, on a daily basis, maintenance can become tiresome.

6. Short ‘n tapered
Are you a man with great facial features with hair that would get in the way or be too much effort to keep tidy? This particular look is very short at the front while the hair is a little longer towards the top of the head. The sides are shaved too and, overall, this is a very neat and clean look.

5. Buzz cut
This is one of the all-time classic hairstyles that never seems to die out. This is a virtually maintenance-free haircut. It's short, sharp and to the point. Wentworth Miller and Justin Timberlake have both used the buzz cut to good effect.

4. Messy
Believe it or not, but just letting your hair do its own thing is regarded as a style. Just letting it grow and develop on its own can save time and money. However, it can get tangled and damaged through neglect, so pop off to the barber now and then for a trim. Tom Welling from Smallville pulls off this style easily.

3. Receding hairline cover-up
Every man will experience some sort of hair loss and while some may go for the pre-emptive strike and shave the lot off (Andre Agassi), there is one style that works well: by letting the front and the sides go long and leaving the top short, the receding areas are effectively covered up.

2. Layers
Layered hair has been around for ages, but so few men actually realise how fantastic this style is. It promotes the fullness of the hair as well as making it appear that you have more hair than you really do. The young actor from the Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliffe, uses this hairstyle.

1. Spiky
Spiky hair is appealing because it looks racy and dangerous. It has to be of the right length, though, because if it is too long it won't stay up, despite the gel's best efforts! You can go for extreme spikes like Billy Idol or keep it on a smaller scale like Jay Manuel.