Pedicures and manicures
While nail polish is a no-no, the manicure isn't. Getting your nails done has often been considered a part of an executive's weekly barber trip. Given many a woman's affinity for well-cared for male hands, it's a great spa treatment for you and her.

Facials and microdermabrasion
Popular because it doesn't require you to take your kit off, facials are a great treatment for men who use fewer facial cleansing products than women, which makes the effect that much more dramatic. Microdermabrasion is similar to an exfoliating facial scrub, but it exfoliates with tiny crystals. Repeated treatments increase collagen and elastin growth in your skin, which reduces fine lines and acne scars.

Sports massage
Commonly known as a deep tissue massage, sports massages are not necessarily for active men with muscular pain, but are excellent for stress and tension relief. The massage of the deep tissue regenerates injured muscles and prevent injury.

Hydromassage and Thalassotherapy
Hydromassage uses high-powered water jets to massage the skin and increase blood and lymph circulation. The heat and pressure also works to clean your pores. Thalassotherapy also uses water for treatment, by combining seawater and seaweed in an array of massages including hydromassage, to tone and moisturise skin while also massaging muscles.

Saunas and steam rooms
Not an unusual treatment, saunas and steam rooms are popular among men. The treatment works well for muscle pain and tension. Steam therapies are usually done before massage therapy to warm up your muscles.