Change the way you eat
"Changing the way you eat can ultimately reduce the amount of grey hairs you produce," says nutritionist Alison Wiener. "Increase your vitamin A, B and zinc intake by eating dark green vegetables, yellow fruits and red meats, and give your body the nutrients it needs in order to produce more melanin – the pigment that gives your hair its colour. A glass of buttermilk a day will also help restore your body's ability to produce its natural hair colour and prevent further greying of the hair."

The vivid, orange-red dye produced by the henna bush is safer and more permanent than regular hair dyes. Because it comes from a shrub, henna is totally natural – just make sure that ingredients in the packet don't contain anything other than Lawsonia inermis, or else you don't have the real deal. Henna is known to be beneficial to hair, because it provides a protein treatment. Just note that it will only make your hair darker, so beware if your hair is light.

Use what you have at home
Rummage through your kitchen cupboard at home and you'll find most of the ingredients you need to cover grey hair are right in front of you. These remedies aren't as quick as a trip to the salon, but if conducted after a long period of time, you will see the results.
– Mix a tablespoon of sea salt into black tea and massage it onto your scalp. Leave the solution in your hair and wash it out after an hour. This should help turn your grey hair black.
– Lemon juice, when mixed with gooseberry powder, will help cover up grey hairs.
– Grate some ginger into a cup with a table spoon of honey and lemon juice. Apply the mix onto your scalp, massage and wash out with normal shampoo.
– Wash your hair as normal, then use strained water from boiled potatoes as a rinse. This too has been known to make grey hair darker.
– Pour 8 teaspoons of dried herbs into 2 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and let the mixture steep for 3 hours. Then, strain it through a coffee filter to remove the herbs. Then pour the herb water onto your clean hair and leave it to dry. When it is dry, rinse out the mixture.