If you can tell what kind of person a guy is by simply looking at his shoes, the same is definitely true about his underwear. Don't get caught with your pants down- – here are the top 5 men's underwear dos and don'ts.

1. DON'T wear too tightey whiteys
Underwear that fits too tight around your waist is not cool. You may think it makes your manhood appear bigger, but no – it will only make you feel uncomfortable. Penny Marriott, a stylist and founder of Definitely Those! image consulting, says: "Wear well-fitting, decent-quality underwear." Choose briefs that fit you properly, while giving you the support you need.

2. DON'T wear novelty underwear
Wearing underwear with Superman or Homer Simpson on it was great when you were 10, but now that you're older, it's a no-go. Steer clear of underpants with cheesy or sleazy sayings, no matter how much you (or your partner) may enjoy them. Stick to briefs or boxers that are either patterned or solid-coloured. Marriott says: "Go for a tasteful pattern or stick to stripes. Don't wear novelty underwear and leave Y-fronts for the 70+ age group."

3. DON'T look like a Fool with your Pants on the Ground

Rappers may pull it off, but you won't. Underwear show-and-tell is not the way to go – not in the bedroom and especially not in public. "Letting your underwear stick out of your pants or exposing your buttocks is a definite no-no," says Marriott.

4. DON'T wear g-strings – ever!
Whoever invented male g-strings should be ashamed. These shockers are nasty and will definitely not fire up your sex life.

5. DO trash old underwear
Ripped, faded, holey or dirty underwear is, frankly, disgusting. Don't get attached to a favourite pair – once it's done its job, it needs to go in the dustbin. Use a good brand of soap powder so you don't have stained underwear. Marriott says: "Don't let white underwear go grey and also don't wear anything with holes in them." One word: Joost.