It can't be denied that this year has been especially controversial for DJ Euphonik. The celebrity DJ has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He acknowledges this on his album sleeve, proclaiming: 'What a year! I'm just glad it's over!'

Although his personal life was consistently displayed in the media, it is heartening to learn that Euphonik has been actively working on his album behind the scenes. The result of all his hard work is the album Total Black Out.

Of his first love, Euphonik says that music is a language he speaks well. "The key thing about the music I play is that it crosses all racial borders. I fuse a lot of hip-hop into my sets and house music is my preferred choice of music because it can fuse with any other genre."

His talent shines throughout the whole album as Euphonik collaborates with a variety of artists. He works with R&B singer Leanne on You're Mine and Get Lifted. The latter is a house-cum-gospel track with inspiring lyrics and Leanne's impressive vocals.

Euphonik has also enlisted the vocal abilities of Lolo, a house singer who has collaborated with Euphonik before and who now joins him on Vuma and the original version of Uthando, which was released earlier this year.

One collaboration which could have been left out is Jack Knife featuring kwaito singer Chomee. This song is a remake of the popular Nineties hit. Chomee's vocals are not particularly strong, so she adds little value to the song.

However, the same can't be said for songstress Phumeza's presence on Hello Happiness. The song sees Ebony Soul and Phumeza come together on a duet. Phumeza may be an underated artist but her presence on this track proves just how vocally gifted she is.