“As far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to become was an entrepreneur,” Khumalo says.

“I later realised that an overwhelming number of aspirant South African entrepreneurs, especially those who are black, did not have access to the basic resources it takes to succeed in the world of business, resulting in a number of them never realising their goals and aspirations,” he adds.

The realisation prompted him to launch an online business platform which aims to find, develop, motivate and support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Aptly named MyStartUp, the portal is meant to harness technology to nurture start-ups and spur growth in the small business sector.

A chartered accountant by profession, Khumalo (34) hails from Umlazi, south of Durban. He is the a board member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), a treasurer at The Black Business Council and the 11th president of The Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa.

After qualifying in 2002, Khumalo joined Investec in 2003. As Chief Investment Officer at MSG Afrika, Khumalo spends his days buying new businesses, raising funds and helping grow businesses within the group.

Khumalo believes MyStartUp will address gaps in the basics of running a business that many start-up entrepreneurs lack, providing them with the structural resources that they need, such as business plan templates, financial models and basic legal agreements.

Entrepreneurs who register with MyStartUp will also have access to a team of experts who provide advice around the clock, on finance, marketing, legal, IT, and human resources related issues.

“We intend to increase the number of panels as the network grows, all the time bearing in mind the needs of entrepreneurs,” Khumalo says.

The portal was lauched in Sandton today and more activations will take place across the country in due course.

Registration on the portal is free and perks of being a member include invitations to interactive seminars with renowned business experts that focus on training, motivational talks, and skills development.

“We hope to attract like-minded partners from government and the private sector to support us as we try and better equip every existing and aspirant entrepreneur in South Africa,” says Khumalo.

Visit www.mystartupsa.com to join.