How to use online platforms to grow your brand

Innocent and Justice Mukheli (twins), together with their friend Vuyo Mpantsha started the I see a different you blog late 2011. Their blog quickly grew into an initiative, which uses images to change perceptions of places such as Soweto, Alexandra and other townships.

The twins are currently involved in a campaign with fashion retail chain Markham, and all this started from a blog post two years ago.

How to start using social media to grow your brand
Daniela Bascelli, a social media and digital marketing strategist from Onyx Digital Team offers the following advice on how to best use social media to grow your brand.

1. Have a social media marketing plan
Ensure that you have a social media marketing plan, which clearly outlines the goal you want to achieve and steps you are gong to take to achieve them.

2. Post regular and valuable content
Content is still king. Create relevant content that will stick. Post regularly and never spam your followers or contacts.

3. Use compelling images
Don’t use plain and ordinary images. Brands compete in news feeds and  timelines, make sure yours will stand out. Use high resolution images that will attract.

4. Create conversation
Create conversation points. Ask questions and start getting more involved in conversations. Don’t just provide valuable content and push information, build relationships.

5. Provide quality customer service
Always treat your customers in a professional and friendly manner, no matter how painful or irritating they may be. If you need to investigate something, advise them and give feedback always.

6. Show brand love
Your “fans” are a privilege to have. Always acknowledge them and provide a helping hand where you can. Make them feel heard and appreciated. Also haveoccasional giveaways or provide discounted deals.

To read more about the trio go to page 74 of the July-August 2013 issue of DESTINY MAN