Visitors to Nelson Mandela Square will revel in the new 466/64 pop up store. The brand’s latest summer range includes a children’s collection and a limited line, which are on display at the store.

The 400 square metre 466/64 store will be open until the end January 2014. Wayne Bebb, CEO of Brand ID, the license holder and custodian of the 466/64 fashion brand, said they had been looking for an opportune time to open the store.

“We have been looking for the perfect time and space to give our customers an opportunity to enjoy a broader and more dedicated brand experience. The response to the brand has been exceptionally positive both locally and internationally and we’re looking forward to a busy and successful phase ahead,” said Bebb.

He added there would be a stand alone store in SA by next year and the brand would be launched in Brazil, Europe, and the UK at the beginning of 2014.