Reinventing radio and earning credibility in the broadcasting industry can sometimes be difficult as almost every radio station has access to the same content.

Power FM chairman Given Mkhari says that in the year since the station’s launch it has surpassed their expectations, receiving  a nod from advertisers and the public.

“We didn’t only achieve what we wanted – we surpassed it. The station has become the Go-To place when it comes to issues of national importance. We have also doubled our revenue. We had set up a target of a year, but we met that target within a period of eight months,” he says.

“It is very important that you get credibility in this industry, as it means people take you more seriously,” the founder and CEO of MSG Afrika says.

Launching Power FM has not come without its challenges. Recently rumours were spread on Twitter that the station was up for sale. It turned out that the stories had been spread by radio personalities who had left the station and had an axe to grind.

“When you are a pioneer, you are subjected to all sources of destruction. That was a blatant lie to cast doubt to our advertisers,” Mkhari said. He added that when you are a black entrepreneur, there will always be people who will try and get you down, as they are used to black entrepreneurs being recipients of support instead of starting their own ventures.

When you are a pioneer, you are subjected to all sources of destruction.

Speaking about the partnership the station has with eNCA, Mkhari says Power FM wanted to incorporate a visual element whereby listeners could watch as well as listen.

This also enables listeners who are not from Gauteng to tune in to watch their favourite presenters at work. In the next five years Mkhari would like to see the station grow to even greater heights and continue to retain some of the finest talent the country has to offer.

“I want us to continue to enjoy a position of trust and credibility from our advertisers. We will also ensure that we are out there more and interact with our listeners,” he said, adding that the station was grateful for all the listeners out there who make Power FM what it is.