The mission: Wear the Ferrari Red Power Intense for a few days and get reactions from three ladies at work. What better way to review a product right?


Zee[1] copy

Zee Ally – Digital Sales Manager

Did you like the scent? Yes, it’s not overpowering. Instead, it’s light, fresh and puts you in the mood for sunny skies and a sandy beach.

What sort of notes did you pick up? It’s fruity without being feminine.

Would you recommend this fragrance to your partner or friends? Yes, it’s a perfect scent for summer. It’s not a scent that affects people’s sinuses. I give it four out of five.



Lauren[1] copy

Lauren Nicoll – Lifestyle Production Manager

Did you like the scent? Yes, I liked that it was not too over-powering and heavy. It has a lovely fresh smell to it. Perfect for use in summer as a day fragrance!

What sort of notes did you pick up? I picked up mainly on the fresh top notes, which have that just-showered, Spring kind of scent. Everything else was quite subtle and I couldn’t really smell the alternative notes.

Would you recommend it? I would recommend this to a friend as a lovely day-to-day fragrance or as a gift to give a friend. Most people wouldn’t mind wearing it. It’s a different story for my partner. I love my man in a strong distinct fragrance that’s unique to him and not your typical fragrance. I would give this three out of five.



bongo[1] copy

Bongo Mazwana – Lifestyle Assistant

Did you like the scent?  Yes, I love that it’s so masculine. I’m definitely getting it for my boyfriend for his birthday this month.

What sort of notes did you pick up? The fragrance was fresh with a hint of spiciness.

Would you recommend it? – Yes, I think it would be one of those fragrances that could be added to your collection. I give it three stars out of five.

* Ferrari Red Power Intense retails for R795 for 125ml EDT.