The stingy guy who’s always concerned about the price

Ellen, 30s

It depends. If we’re in a relationship and we’ve set certain goals, then I understand. I do that as well. But if it’s a first date, he needs to go all out. First impressions are the ones that last.

Candice, late 20s

I am not comfortable with this at all. This guy should not ask me to go anywhere with him. You have no business asking me out if you don’t have money. But to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he’s just a budget-conscious guy. He saves and invests and is not a reckless spender like me.

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Kelly, late 20s 

There’s nothing wrong with being conscious of price, but I wouldn’t want someone to constantly ask how much everything costs. I understand that things are expensive these days, so I’m also not trying to bankrupt anyone.

I think this can only work if both parties are stingy. If the one is stingy and the other is generous, then the generous one is going to end up paying for everything.

Minkie, 30s

It depends, because maybe this person is responsible with the way they spend their money. It could actually be a plus in the long-run. As a woman, I must also be considerate of someone else’s wallet. I can’t look for the most expensive thing on the menu just because I can and then be concerned when the guy expresses his worry about the price.