If you’re in the finance, engineering or admin and sales sectors, then Gauteng is where you want to be, according to Career Junction.

Based on data collected between October 2015 and February this year, and the average monthly cost to company figures for over 30 000 jobs across the country, Gauteng companies offer the best remuneration packages compared to KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape,

In some instances, the pay difference between professionals based outside of Gauteng ranges from between 5% to 31% less than those based in Gauteng – depending on the sector.

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Career Junction says the discrepancies are largely driven by a greater demand for skilled labour, particularly within the finance sector.

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On the other side of the coin, Capetonian professionals in the warehousing and logistics industry earn more than their Gauteng counterparts, while KwaZulu-Natal professionals earn more than their Western Cape peers.

Find out how your salary compares below:

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Salary packages for engineers based in the Western Cape are between 21% to 28% lower than salaries offered in Gauteng, while engineers based in KwaZulu-Natal can expect to earn between 2% to 8% less than those in Gauteng.