True love shouldn’t be affected by the appearance of your significant other – but let’s be honest: it feels good to have a well-dressed partner who takes a bit more care with how they present themselves. It can be problematic when your partner doesn’t care how she looks. And while it might not change the way you feel about her, you’d like her to start caring, especially because you do.

But how do you do this without offending her? Here’s how to handle the situation with sensitivity.

Understand the reasons for her dress sense

First things first: before you start judging the way your partner presents herself, you have to understand why she makes the choices she makes when it comes to her dress sense. There are many possibilities: perhaps she grew up in a small town where wearing stylish clothes didn’t matter. Or maybe she comes from a family that gave little credence to fashion. The situation is salvageable – but before you start to “fix” your partner, you need to reflect on her choices.

Stop telling her she looks great when she doesn’t  

The worst thing you can do is perpetuate your partner’s lack of style by telling her she looks great when you know she doesn’t. You’re not doing anyone any favours. Similarly, when she does step it up a notch and dress well, compliment her so she can enjoy the affirmation.


Gift her with stylish clothes

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, so every now and again, give your lady a pair of flattering jeans, sexy tops and dresses – she will never reject these! This is a great way to spruce up her wardrobe without her realising what you’re doing. In essence, this is a gift for you wrapped up as a gift for her.

Take her to places that require her to dress up 

This will give her a reason to stock up on stylish clothes and will also give her that euphoric feeling of knowing she looks good, especially if she receives compliments from strangers. You’re basically getting everyone to do the work for you.