It’s that time of year again, the sun is out and brides are walking down the aisle to say their ‘I dos’. While female guests seem to have their outfits all planned out to the tee, as a gent, the outfit planning might be a little more daunting. If the invite says black tie, it’s pretty straightforward. But it is slightly more tricky when there are no set rules.

Here is our guide for outfit inspiration to have you looking dapper for summer wedding soirees:

  1. Respect the dress code: One of the first things to drive you in the right direction when choosing the outfit is the dress code on the invite. Check if there is a specified dress code and follow it (traditional or black tie). Tip: In uncertainty, it’s always better to be overdressed then underdressed.
  2. The personal touch: No matter what the dress code is, never leave your personality at home. Individuality is key for a standout look. Tip: Focus on personalising the finer details in your look, for example the pocket square, the unique tie pin, the statement brogues, the unexpected shirt and a pop of colour in the socks.
  3. Don’t steal the spotlight: Some of us are fashion-daring and would confidently sport a neon pink or bright yellow suit. Please keep those bold colourful looks for another day to avoid literally outshining the groom.
  4. The venue and time: Before making the final call on your look, consider the environment and time of the event. A beach wedding during the day vs a ballroom hall wedding in the evening would adhere to different attire. While the sockless loafers are ideal in the sand and sun, a brogue might be better suited for inside at night.

    Wedding looks we love:

  • The remixed black tie doesn’t mean uniformity: Stick to the formality of the dress code but add a dash of unexpected detail.
  • Tailored separates: Create your own suit by pairing tailored separates into a deconstructed suit look.
  • The full suit with character: The two or three-piece suit is always a safe bet. Choose appropriate fabrication for the time of year and opt for lightweight fabrics that will breathe. Stick to classic colours and go wild with accessories.

Please share with us how you make sure you stand out above the rest, yet still stick to the dress code with your ultimate summer wedding look. Share and tag us @destinyman