Many of us know Herbalife is an international nutrition and wellness brand, most popularly known for its products in these categories. But in 2014, the brand launched its first skin care range in South Africa.

Earlier this year, the brand refined its offering and re-launched the SKIN range for men in a 50ml size.

“The benefits of the product range are two-fold: the larger size means increased value for customers and the change comes with new ‘less’ packaging – which is environmentally friendly,” Herbalife said.

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We had an opportunity to try out a few products for ourselves and were thoroughly impressed not only by the packaging (how it looks on your bathroom counter matters), but also by how well the products worked and how good they felt.

“The SKIN range is suitable for men and women and balances botanicals and extracts with proven skin nutrition science. The unique blend of vitamins and botanicals includes aloe, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E,” Herbalife said.

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Here’s what we thought of the products that we tried out:

Soothing Aloe Cleanser

The soothing Aloe Cleanser is a gel-based cleanser that has a very gentle effect on the skin, making for easy facial cleansing. This is an especially great product for someone who has dry or sensitive skin because of its gentle and non-aggressive formula.

Replenishing Night Cream

The whole concept of a night cream is somewhat of a strange concept for many men but, whether it’s something we’ll ever embrace or not, it’s great for our skins. Because our bodies rest and are restored in the evening while we sleep, it’s very beneficial to moisturise in the evening to accelerate your skin’s regeneration and repair process. After a few weeks of use, the replenishing night cream really does go on to reveal better feeling and healthier looking skin.