A strong attraction to solving problems and a belief in the transformative power of education have driven Lubega to impressive heights

Briefly tell us, who is Melvyn Lubega?

I’m a young tech entrepreneur, born and raised in Johannesburg, who’s set on finding innovative solutions to problems that affect a large number of people. I’m driven to add value to everything I do and aim to one day say that I’ve created more than 100 000 jobs in my lifetime.

How did the genesis of GO1 come about?

After finishing my undergrad studies at the University of Cape Town, I joined the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a management consulting firm, as their first associate in sub-Saharan Africa. I had the opportunity to work in 11 countries and in some of the big global companies on our continent. There were a range of problems we were brought in to solve for these clients and a number of them could be traced back to the core issue of companies not investing in their staff adequately.

I noticed a similar pattern I’d first seen when I started an investment business with some friends while at UCT. Many of the smaller companies we worked with thought they were too small to care about training and development, yet they arguably were the ones that needed it most. Meanwhile, the bigger companies tended not to leverage the best in class tools to invest in their staff.