Your skin is often the first thing people notice about you. So it’s natural to want to make sure that it’s always looking – and feeling – its best. Sometimes we need a little help to establish what’s best for our unique needs and this is where a skincare professional comes in.

Why do I need to consult a skincare expert?

There are many new buzzwords and trends when it comes to grooming, so it may be difficult to know which treatments and products are best for you. This is why getting a professional opinion from someone who deals with skin issues all the time is a very good idea.

It’s also important to remember that your skin changes over time. You may begin with a particular treatment to address a severe issue, but as the skin starts responding, you may need to address a different area. A professional will monitor the progress of your skin, making sure that the treatments you get are always relevant.

Why can’t I just use the same products as my friend or partner?

We have different needs, specific to our unique skin, hence taking care of it is not simply a “one size fits all” programme. It’s essential that we understand our own skin types, concerns and conditions, and use the correct products recommended to address the particular issues that we face.

What makes a professional range different from other alternatives?

There are often questions about whether or not medical skincare products are really any better than products that can be bought over the counter. There are two things that make a medical grade range more effective.

1. The use of active ingredients. Professional ranges are formulated to address specific conditions, not just general skincare concerns, and the use of active ingredients is usually much higher – both in terms of the number of active ingredients and the percentage or dosage of each.

2. Product penetration into the skin. A skin expert will advise on products with ingredients that actually penetrate deeply into the skin, treating issues from the deeper layers of the dermis and giving you better results.

Aren’t appointments and professional skincare ranges expensive?

An initial consult with a doctor at Skin Renewal is not simply about selling you products. During the consultation, you get the opportunity to discuss all your skin concerns with a doctor, who will also inquire about your lifestyle and your goals and budget. The session will educate you as to what is happening with your skin and why. This information is vital in helping you recognise what lifestyle aspects are affecting your skin and any changes you might need to make.

Remember, having good skin is a long-term journey and you need to commit to using the correct products, along with getting regular and appropriate treatments. In the end, your skin is one of your most valuable assets, so taking proper care of it can have numerous benefits – it’s certainly a worthwhile investment.