Here’s his checklist – how do you measure up?


Happily, this is something you can develop, usually through your failures, because without it, you won’t get anywhere. As an entrepreneur, you have to have faith in what you’re offering and you must be able to convince others to have faith too, even when that faith gets shaken.


Getting what you want may take time and your original strategy might not be quite what’s needed to achieve it. Don’t change your goal, rather look for alternative ways of attaining it.


You probably won’t have every single skill you need to run a business, but you might know someone whose abilities complement your own perfectly. Or maybe you know someone who knows someone… the point is that you never know who can help you make the magic happen or where you’ll meet them, so be on the alert constantly.

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Also remember that the more diverse your network, the more skills you’ll be able to tap into. Don’t forget to mine that network for mentors as you’ll definitely benefit from having someone who’s been there ahead of you to give guidance.


Leope believes that the need to give back is part of an entrepreneur’s DNA. Whether you choose to help others on their journey through mentorship or investment, as an entrepreneur, service should be a part of your ethos.


People always imagine that owning a business means that you’ll have a laid-back boss. However, the opposite is true. When you’re trying to launch an enterprise, the work never ends. Leope maintains that every second you spend on something other than your business is a second that detracts from your chance at your success.


One of Leope’s favourite sayings is: “Build your own brands or you’ll continue to consume other people’s to make yourself feel better.”

Building your brand starts with becoming cognisant of your values and understanding how you can make these manifest materially.

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Successful entrepreneurs are never satisfied. They’re always convinced they can do better and can improve on what’s already there. If they didn’t, they’d never try anything new. Stimulate your curiosity and find an inspiration that keeps you seeking.

  1. FOCUS

Leope admits that he’s faced major criticism throughout his career. What keeps him going is his focus, distilled by his “why”. Everyone has a different why – the key is to find yours and never lose sight of it, no matter how many detractors you face or how challenging your journey.


As an entrepreneur, it’s probably true to say that you’re an ideas person – and, sometimes, ideas people are more about the vision than the execution. You can’t let that get in your way of building a business.

No company can thrive without fundamentals, so if you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s best to find a way to acquire them. If you don’t want to study further (why wouldn’t you? Even if it’s simply updating your skills by attending seminars) find the people who have the solid business skills you need.


The world isn’t looking for more of the same, so don’t give it that. You’ll gain nothing by playing it safe.

This article was originally published in the August 2017 issue of DESTINY MAN