Important documents were damaged when the roof at the Office of the Public Protector collapsed overnight during a heavy downpour in Pretoria.

“This poses a major security risk because of the nature of our work,” Cleopatra Mosana, spokesperson for Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, told News24. “Not only does it jeopardise investigations, but it also delays some important investigations, because it means we must start again from scratch in some instances.”

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She said that although she did not suspect any foul play, an investigation would have to take place.

“It was strategic offices which were damaged as a result of the roof collapse. It was the Office of the Public Protector, the Office of the Deputy Public Protector, the evidence room and investigations on the second floor,” she said.

Mosana told News24 that the evidence room where documents were damaged was of major concern, as most of the records kept there were hard copies.

Mosana said that the collapse could have been avoided.

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“Our office is under-funded. We hope this will help us get the attention it deserves. The building is not properly maintained and although we have been in contact with the Ministry of Public Works, they have not been responsive to our correspondence,” she said.

Nobody was hurt in the roof collapse.

– News24 Wire