The Men’s Health 10th annual Menswear Collection Fashion Show took place recently, and showcased some of the latest trends for a laid-back look, perfect for the man who’s not into extravagance and leans more towards a distinguished, modern aesthetic.

With spring in full swing and summer on its way, the pairing of shorts and blazers stood out in the show. This is a combination that many guys don’t know how to get right, or wouldn’t even dare experiment with. No need to deprive yourself – just make sure you look sophisticated and well put together.

It’s also wedding season, which is the perfect occasion to play around with a fun spring look while keeping things formal.

Here are some of our favourite combos: 

Grey and navy 

[David Jones]

Spring is the season of the fedora hat, an accessory that adds effortless cool to any outfit. And grey and navy is one of the best colour combinations, so pairing navy chino shorts with a well-fitting grey blazer is always a winner. Formalise the look by finishing it off with a pair of monkstraps and you’re good to go.

Charcoal on grey 

[Studio W]

You can never go wrong with a grey-on-grey look, especially if the two shades are contrasting. Wear a charcoal-grey blazer with light grey shorts for a sophisticated yet easy-going look. You won’t look like you’re trying too hard yet it will be evident that you’ve applied some thought to your ensemble.

Golf shirt 

[Studio W]

If you’re going for a chilled but sophisticated look, the golf shirt is the perfect substitute for the formal Oxford shirt.

Patterned shorts 

Country Road

If you’re a bit more experimental than the average guy and want a more laid-back look, then swap plain shorts for a patterned pair. The extravagance of the pattern is up to you – either way, these shorts will add a bit more personality to your look.