Buhle (25)

Coming across as controlling 

The ultimate deal-breaker for me is if a guy subtly shows me that what I say doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t be able to be with someone who makes me feel inferior.

Another sign of a controlling guy is someone who’s always talking about themselves, what they want, their dreams, their aspirations, where they live, what car they drive and so on.

Zukiswa (29)

Being rude to waitrons 

A man that’s rude to waiters is such a turn-off, and I think most women would agree with me. One’s character comes through in how you treat people, and I think people who belittle those who are serving them or are of service to them aren’t nice.

Chances are, they’re not going to treat you well because they have a power complex which they’ll project on to you. I can’t date a guy that lacks humanity.

Ayanda (33)

Bad personal hygiene 

The ultimate deal-breaker for me is a guy who lacks personal hygiene. This could be bad breath, plaque-ridden teeth, smelly armpits and other indications.

It tells me he doesn’t care for himself, meaning he probably won’t care for me. It also tells me that he didn’t put much effort into creating a good impression for me on the first date.

Confidence (24)

If he’s too full of himself 

If he has a big ego, I will definitely not be going on a second date with him. If he’s constantly talking about himself and showing not even the slightest interest in me, then he’s full of himself. It’s a first date – we should be getting to know each other; he should also be asking me questions.

I believe this trait would be present in the relationship itself, and I’d always be there just to support the things he’s doing and his dreams.