After conducting a survey last year, wardrobe specialist business Spaceslide released a list of clothes that men over 40 should no longer be wearing.

Just over 2 000 men participated in the survey, which found that 42% of them said they were quite okay and were in fact proud of their less-than-stylish dress sense.

“It seems there comes a time for most men when they outgrow their current style but have no clue how to adapt their look for a new stage in their lives,” said Job Griffiths, Spaceslide’s marketing director, who commissioned the survey.

While the study came up with a list of 25 items that men over 40 should ditch, we didn’t necessarily agree with everything on the list and decided to compile our own.

Here are five items of clothing we think no man over the age of 35 should be wearing: 

Skinny jeans 

When skinny jeans first entered the menswear market, they were the thing to own – but it wasn’t long before many of us realised they’re not for everyone. For starters, no grown man should be wearing skinny jeans, and this is especially true for gents over 35. It just looks uncomfortable and awkward, especially if you look like you can barely breathe.

Leather trousers 

Honestly, whether you’re 35 or younger, you should not be walking around in these. There’s something unsettling about a man in leather pants – especially in spring and summer.


We understand the urge to wear your speedo at the beach: it’s comfortable, it gives you a sense of freedom and, if you’re ripped, it’s a great opportunity to show off your body. But it’s a better idea to throw a pair of shorts over your them – it has the same impact on your self-esteem and is less awkward for everyone around you.

Bootleg jeans 

If you have a pair of jeans that go all the way under your shoe and cover the front half of it, you have to let go of these trousers. In fact, don’t just throw them away – burn them! Bootleg jeans look clumsy, and you’re not living in this century if you’re still rocking a pair.

While we’re on this point, you should also no longer wear (if you ever did) baggy pants that end a few centimetres below your knee. It’s an awkward length and will make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a 2002 Ja Rule music video.

Extremely pointy shoes 

There’s a such a large variety of dress shoes that are timeless, sophisticated and easy to pair with anything – which means there isn’t a reason under the sun to justify wearing extremely pointy shoes. Stop. Just don’t.