Although he’s made his name as a Hollywood heart-throb, Banderas refuses to be caged into such narrow definitions and labels.

“I’d like to define myself as a Renaissance man. I’m an Andalusian and our guiding principle in life revolves around the certainty of death and the relativity of everything else. I know that my days are numbered, but I spend every one of them rebelling against the fact that I have to die. I want to live forever because there are so many things I want to do. I’d like to become a concert pianist at the age of 150 and remain one until the age of 170. Then I’d like to become an architect and design beautiful buildings. I work a lot and spend a lot of time travelling, but I can’t stop – and I don’t want to,” he says.

We uncovered the many layers of Banderas in a brief meeting during his recent visit to SA, when he launched his latest fragrances for men and women, both named The Secret Temptation.

It’s the result of a relationship spanning more than two decades with fashion and fragrance company PUIG, whose portfolio includes leading brands like Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera and whose revenues rose to over e1,6 billion in 2016.

“Twenty-one years ago, PUIG offered me a deal to star in a commercial. I said ‘no’. I told them I’d do the commercial, but instead of them paying me, I want to be a part of the business. So if the business succeeds, we both win, otherwise we go our separate ways. Fortunately, things went well,” recalls Banderas.