The best time to be intimate with your partner, according to a recent survey by British wellbeing firm Forza Supplements, is 7.30am, or around 45 minutes after you wake up.

The company monitored the body clocks of 1 000 people who “lead healthy and active lives” to compile a list of the best times to do activities, from having breakfast and performing at work to having sex.

Forza Supplements MD Lee Smith said: “What we set out to do was to find out the absolute optimum times to work, rest and play.

“While no two people are the same, these were found to be the very best times for the average person to do the key activities which make for a healthy and happy life.

“Making small adjustments to your routine can really help you to lose weight, get fitter, be more effective at work and even be a better lover.”

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The magic hour

Researchers said energy levels are the highest after a night of rest so both partners have stamina to carry on for as long as possible. Male testosterone levels peak in the morning, said researchers, meaning they last longer in bed.

There is also the added benefit of the rush feel-good endorphins, which lower blood pressure and stress levels. “[It] makes us feel more upbeat for the rest of the day.”

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Other recommendations

6.45am: This is the ideal time to wake up, after having seven to nine hours of sleep.

7am: The best time to go for a run. Research has shown that doing cardio exercise before breakfast leads to a small increase in the amount of fat being burned because blood sugar, insulin and glycogen levels are all lower than normal after an overnight fast.

7.15am: The best time to eat breakfast – 30 minutes after waking up.

The best time for sex, or ideally 45 minutes after waking, to get rid of overnight grogginess and allow you to be completely refreshed.

9.45am: You are at your most productive because people reach their mental peak around three hours after waking. Concentration, memory, focus and creativity should be best at this time of the day.

12.15pm: It is time for lunch about four hours after eating breakfast.

3.30pm: When “Snack O’Clock” hits, it is time for a healthy snack.

6pm: The best time to have supper.

The best time to have a drink – or “Wine O’Clock” as it is known – to unwind after a long day at work. It is important to give your liver about four hours to recover from alcohol before you sleep.

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10.10pm: This is the best time to go to bed. It gives you 20 minutes to get to sleep and then 90 minutes for the most restorative non-rapid eye movement sleep, which is best achieved before midnight.

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