This summer, experience the full-bodied, complex flavours and aromas of authentic Tennessee whiskey, American rye whiskey and bourbon, distilled using time-honoured production methods to give you the true taste of America.

These drinks are fast becoming a world favourite because of their versatility to enjoy neat, with a splash of water, or at the heart of a refreshing summer cocktail.

It’s all about the flavour

Unlike other whiskies, which are malt- or barley-based, American Whiskeys are produced using mainly corn, wheat or rye, and aged in new, charred oak barrels for rich, complex flavour – from subtle caramel and vanilla to sweet, spicy notes.

Now, some American distillers are also infusing their traditional blends with hints of honey, maple or apple for a new-generation palate.

How to appreciate American whiskeys

Take it slowly. Try serving it neat, first, and at room temperature.

Enjoy the golden to rich brown colours and the aroma, before rolling a sip around in your mouth to savour the distinctive notes.

Then add a splash of water or an ice cube to open the aromatics.

But after you’ve appreciated the distiller’s art, there’s no real “right way” to enjoy American whiskey, experts say. Whether you prefer it neat, with water, on ice or in a refreshing cocktail, American whiskey is all about enjoyment.

No matter whether you like the robust whiskey, a slightly sweeter bourbon, a spicier rye, or even a new-flavoured whiskey, the best way to enjoy your American whiskey is any way you like it, surrounded by friends.

Tennessee whiskey, American rye whiskey and bourbon are available in South Africa at all leading liquor stores. Discover the authentic tastes of American whiskey at your end-of-year festivities, summer braais and cocktail parties this year, or gift it for special friends or family this festive season!

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Get authentic American spirit this holiday season – savour the robust, complex taste of Tennessee whiskey, rye whiskey and bourbon!

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