“I don’t want to talk about sex now. I want to talk about the conference,” Mantashe told News24 when contacted for comment.

Screenshots published by the website include sexually explicit messages allegedly from Mantashe to the 23-year-old woman, after she apparently asked about a national executive committee meeting.

The publication alleged that Mantashe also requested nude photos, which the woman sent.

According to Weekly Xposé, it is in possession of documents in which Mantashe shared “sensitive information about his position in the ANC” and the upcoming elective conference.

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The conference is expected to take place from 16-20 December in Gauteng.

The woman – a model – supposedly accidentally sent a photo of herself to Mantashe after she mistyped one digit of the number to which she had intended to send the photos. The two then apparently started chatting.

The website reported that Mantashe responded: “There is no relation between me and Nomfundo. I resisted inducement into blesser/blessee relationship. When financial assistance was asked for, I resisted. When honey was put in front of me, I played along, but refused. I used the conference as a serious reason for not following the trap. My inner clock told me that is was a trap. I avoided it.”

– News24 Wire