In an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, Mi Casa frontman J’Something reflected on the year that was, becoming a father and his dreams for 2018.

The star said even though he had a good year, he’s still trying to get back to the love he had for music. “I had a challenging year, but it was a good year. Mi Casa and music as a whole, it’s a weird thing. I’m still adjusting. I’m still trying to get back into that love that I had for music. Because music’s become a bit of a job and I don’t like that, so it’s been very tough at times,” he said.

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Usually one to keep his private life to himself, J also opened up about becoming a father, while being careful not to give too much away. “Also something that I’ve never mentioned in the world as well is that I have a laaitie (son). I have a first-born child. I haven’t really spoken about this,” he told Cliff, adding: “That added to the year that 2017 was.”

Another tough personal moment for him was when his mother suffered a mild heart attack: “That was a very, very tough moment. Something that I’ve never shared with the world.”

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Looking forward to the new year, J says he still has many dreams which he wishes to fulfill, including doing his own cooking festival. “I really want to do a Something’s Cooking festival, where we incorporate music and food and celebrate South Africa through that.”

– News24 Wire