A shift in attitudes and a change of perceptions means that today, male grooming is more popular than ever before, and today, men’s self-care products have become a consumer category in their own right. This means a much bigger choice for men – whether you’re up for weekly manicures and pedicures, or simply want to take better general care of your hair and skin.

Here are some of the best male grooming options available:

Sorbet MAN

On the back of Sorbet’s successful national chain of women’s beauty salons, Sorbet MAN is a chain of one-stop grooming shops aimed specifically at men, a mix between a gentleman’s bar and a new-age man cave. While there are plenty of hair salons and barber shops around, Sorbet MAN takes this concept further with a range of other grooming services as well, including shaves, massages, facials, “manscaping” waxes, manicures and pedicures. Opened just under two years ago, there are stores in Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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The Bearded Man

Facial hair has been in fashion for a while, but the beard of 2017 is neat and well defined, which requires a certain amount of care and attention. The Bearded Man is one of several beard grooming companies popping up around South Africa that offer premium beard care and grooming products. Aimed at helping the modern man craft the perfect facial hair, products include beard oils, balms, waxes and soaps, all of which you can order online or in selected hair salons and tattoo studios.

The Shave Union

The concept behind the Shave Union is simple: the company is trying to provide an alternative to razor blades that are either high-quality but overpriced, or cheap but of a poor quality. The online blade delivery service brings high-quality German manufactured razor blades to your door as often as you choose, for much less than you’d pay for blades in stores.

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Redken for Men

As with skincare, haircare needs are typically different for men than for women. Whether you’re trying to prevent premature hair loss or keep your hair looking shiny and clean while leading an active lifestyle, the Redken range offers haircare products specifically aimed at males. Products include a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, a daily conditioner, and moisturising shampoo for everyday use.

Beard Gang

Beard Gang is a black-owned cosmetics start-up company that produces natural, hand-crafted grooming products that nourish and condition facial hair. Sentsho Matlejoane, the co-founder of the company, told Destiny MAN that the idea was born out of a frustration that he and his partner Thabo Motloung felt when looking at the grooming products available on the local market, the high prices of imported products and products that didn’t work well on the texture of their facial hair.