We asked the ladies at Ndalo Media which part of our bodies should have hair, what they thought about pubic hair and their opinions on guys that wax. While their answers varied, one thing was for sure – a man with no hair at all was not going to win their hearts.

Do you like your men hairy? 

Buhle: I like my men hairy. That’s what differentiates him from me. I need to feel like I’m with a man.

Tebogo: Each to their own. A completely smooth guy would make me uncomfortable because I’m not completely hairless myself.

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Sandy: I don’t know – it depends on whether the guy is well-groomed or not. I mean, if the guy is just a mess and so is his hair, then he should consider man-scaping to keep it all in check. If a guy is completely smooth then that’s his prerogative. I don’t mind, but I feel there should be some hair.

Catherine: I like it when a man. because it shows that he respects women and that he looks after himself. It’s like a guy who goes for a manicure. I’m cool with that – he just shouldn’t go to the salon more than I do. And it shouldn’t be shaped excessively. No fanciness, just trimmed and neat.

Sizakele: It depends – there are certain parts that should be hairy and others that shouldn’t.