1. Shaving kit

It all starts here.

There’s nothing better than a man with a well-groomed moustache or beard or a clean-shaven man in a tailored suit and that’s why it’s important for every man to own a shaving kit.

To give you the perfect shave, a basic kit should include shaving cream, a shaving brush and an electric shaver.

2. A good tailored suit

Every man needs a good tailored dark suit – regardless of whether formal wear is your thing.

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It doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive, custom-made suit, but the point is that it should fit your body well.

A dark suit is best because it can be worn on any occasion. An important point to remember is that “dark” doesn’t necessarily mean “black”.

3. A great white shirt/T-shirt

A trick to remember about the white shirt is that it needs to fit properly – an ill-fitting shirt is the worst!

Whether worn on its own or paired with a jacket, blazer or a pullover jersey, if the fit isn’t correct, the look won’t be either.

The white shirt is a versatile item of clothing to have in your wardrobe, as it can be dressed up and dressed down when paired with a good pair of jeans, formal pants or chinos.

4. A great pair of denims

Denims are another crucial staple to have, because they don’t wear out as quickly as pants made from other fabrics.

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With a wide variety of styles and fit, you can never go wrong with jeans.

5. A good pair of formal shoes

Every man needs a good pair of formal shoes and there’s nothing more classic than Derby or Oxford shoes.

These shoes lend themselves to a slim-fitting silhouette and are best worn with a tailored suit.