According to the BBC, the two conspired and discriminated against a chartered accountant, Adila Chowan, on the basis of her race and gender.

The BBC also called on Eskom to remove Lamberti from its board. This follows a recent ruling by the North Gauteng High Court that found Lamberti and AMH guilty of discrimination.

Chowan accused Lamberti of referring to her as an affirmative action appointment in front of other managers.

Lamberti has since issued an “unreserved apology” for the comment, which he said hadn’t been made with any intent to “insult or demean her in any way”.

The BBC, however, is gunning for his head.

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“Failure of the two companies and other structures where that Mark Lamberti sits and serves to act against him will confirm that they are happily harbouring a racist who has no regard for black people and women,” the BBC said.

“It will also mean that these organisations and companies support racial and gender discrimination. This case confirms that Lamberti should not be holding any leadership position in South Africa.”

“BBC is seeking to engage with various key organisations to determine the possibility of triggering consumer boycotts targeted at these companies and/or other companies that are doing business with Mark Lamberti and his companies.”

Lamberti has since issued an “unreserved apology”.