“Chris Hani, renowned for his fearlessness and impeccable leadership qualities, led the anti-apartheid struggle until his assassination on 10 April, 1993, outside his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg,” said Ekurhuleni spokesperson Themba Gadebe.

“To pay tribute to him for his selfless contribution to the liberation of the oppressed masses, the City will roll out a programme to champion the ideals for which he stood.”

Gadebe said the City had nominated Hani’s old house as a heritage side with the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority. This follows the announcement in 2016 that Hani’s house would become a museum.
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In March last year, Hani’s grave, the Chris Hani Memorial and the Walk of Remembrance were declared national heritage sites.

Other tributes to the late South African Communist Party (SACP) leader include the Freedom of the City conferred on Hani in November 2006, and April being declared Chris Hani Month.

Gadebe said the City planned a wreath-laying ceremony on 10 April, the day of Hani’s murder, and expected government leaders, political leaders, the community and members of the Hani family to attend.

This will be followed by a memorial lecture on Hani’s life and times at the Boksburg Civic Centre, with a photographic exhibition planned at the Springs Art Gallery.

– News24 Wire