South Africans will have the opportunity to engage and learn from him on the Trent Shelton Live in South Africa: The Love Yourself Tour, as he provides tools on how they can live their most authentic lives by “loving themselves”.

The tour heads to Cape Town on Friday and Saturday (14 and 15 April) at the President Hotel, situated in Sea Point, and he will be in Johannesburg on Sunday 15 April at Hilton Hotel in Sandton.

The former American football star promises to deliver inspiring and energetic motivational engagement sessions.

Shelton is a captivating and inspiring visionary, who has grown a fan base of more than seven million followers on social media, due to his popular and relatable videos.

He told DESTINY MAN ahead of his tour that he hopes to inspire and change people’s lives for better. “South Africa is incredible – not just the scenery, but the people as well,” he said.

“I am not going to tell you how to live your life, but I am going to give you some inspiration to make you want to move from your current situation in your life,” he said.

Shelton reaches over 50 million people weekly through his various social media platforms and he is excited to return to the country. He initially came to South Africa in 2016. He said at that time that he was blown away by the amazing support.

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“I look forward to hear the real stories about overcoming the fear of not loving yourself. We are so busy loving others sometimes, that we forget how to love ourselves,” he explained.

He rose to fame on social media in 2009, after he started making two-minutes videos to track his progress of bettering his life and would always end the videos with: “It’s rehab time” – this has since been trademarked by him.

Shelton is the founder and President of the Rehab Time NGO in the USA, which he started when he wanted to share his journey.

“People started to follow me, they started to be inspired by what I was sharing. It’s been a journey of me working on myself and inspire others to be better.”

He said he wants to share his stories and struggles, but people can expect to hear things they can relate to: the pain, the tears and the struggles they face every day.

“I also want people to really get my message of protecting your peace by loving yourself. I want everyone to know that you have the ability to be the best you. It all starts with you,” he said

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His advice for people who want to better their lives:

  • Self-responsibility

A lot of time we blame others, sometimes rightfully so. We blame the world, our environment, how we were brought up, our parents or relationships. Even though this might be true, at the end of the day, there is no need to blame other people because you not going to change anything about your life. Self-responsibility is key – look at yourself in the eye on the mirror and say: “You know what, enough is enough – yes, this might have happened, I might have made mistakes, but today is the day that it will be solved.”

  • Progression

In everything you do, just give it your best and understand that your best is not going to be great or beautiful all the time. The path to success of any journey is hard and there are a lot of obstacles, but you are doing well as long as you can keep progressing and giving it your best every day.

You are doing well as long as you can look back and say: “You know what, in December 2018, I am a lot better than I was in January 2018.” That’s what life is all about – not measuring your life based across society and standards, but by looking at yourself, appreciating your life and progressing towards being a better version of yourself.