White pants can often be a very tricky item to pull off. But before you forever condemn the white-pant aisle at your local clothing store – here are a few ways you can pull off the look without feeling like you’re ‘too much’.

Go navy 

One of the best colour matches for white is navy. Especially if you want to look sophisticated. Also, if you’d like to create the illusion of a taller you – wearing white with a monochromatic colour top always draws the eyes upwards which works to create that illusion.

Full-on white 

We’ve just come out of the festive season and maybe you might be a bit exhausted of the all-white look, but this is a trend that will forever be relevant and is going nowhere. Go for a simple white top, a pair of white chinos, and white sneakers for an effortless and clean look.

Add a bit of smart 

If you thought you couldn’t go smart with a pair of white pants, then you were completely wrong. If you’re looking to tone down your suit and go for a bit of a laid back look without compromising on the ‘formal’ dress code – your white pants are your best option. Pair them with a lightweight blazer, a cool blue shirt and a navy tie.

Keep footwear minimal 

It’s important to remember that your white pants are a statement piece, so whatever you pair them with  should be simple as possible. This includes your footwear. If your a fan of bold sneakers, rather keep them in the closet when you rock your white pants and opt for a simpler pair of black loafers, or brown casual boots. A pair of espadrilles are always great when pairing with white pants.