Not much can be done to a suit in terms of styling.

We look at different ways to make your look seem different every time with layers you can peel off as the temperature changes during the day.


Wear a waistcoat underneath your blazer for a classic look. Whether the waistcoat is plain, plaid or striped, three-piece suits are usually great in terms of contrast.


Excessive layering is never a good look with a suit. Warm turtlenecks and cardigans are great buys and allow for a look that is still office-appropriate.


Keep your look, change the pants! Wear sweatpants, but maintain the office look. This can be tricky, as there are many different styles of sweatpants.

The jogger would be great with this look.


The weather in South Africa has been “undecided”. Drape a coat over your jacket or go without a suit jacket entirely and wear a coat jacket – which can be worn casually or formally – instead.



If you hate layering, get yourself a 120-plus thread count suit. It won’t just look great, but it will be warm too. Woollen suits look heavy, but you can actually wear them all year round, whereas flannel suits are meant for winter because of the heavy fabric and the fact that it doesn’t breathe much. Check out the thread count and fabric options before adding to your suit collection.