While there’s no definitive reason why the Prius is not selling, the low demand does indicate that South Africans are not interested in the technology. This lack of interest in the model might mean that a challenge awaits when it’s time to sell a Prius second-hand.

But before you go looking for a box of matches to set the car alight for insurance money, here are some tips on how to sell a vehicle that the general public isn’t interested in.

You’re going to have to search

When selling a car second-hand, most individuals simply upload a photo to a classifieds website and wait. While hoping for the right buyer to stumble across your advert is an option, if you’re short of time, taking a proactive route might be your best option.

You might be required to phone dealerships and ask if they’d be interested in negotiating a deal. This is a labour-intensive exercise, and if you’re not able to call during office hours, it could be a challenge, to say the least. But often, phoning your local motoring club will be a great first step in the right direction, as they’ll know first-hand if someone is interested in your car.

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You could get someone else to find a buyer

While services like Mrcarbuy can be used to sell your car, you’re bound to find out in no time that the lack of desirability will affect their offer. After all, they need to figure out if they can offload it at a profit to another party. Websites like HiCarByeCar.com will give you price options on your vehicle.

Working with a network of dealerships, they send an expert to inspect the car and take pictures, which they upload to an auction site. Then dealers bid on your car, after which you are sent the top three offers. Being able to expand your reach and have a dealer who is certain they can move your car will help you get the best price for your vehicle. But if you’re not happy with the prices offered, you can simply say no.

You could pop on your marketing cap

Let’s face it, there are car adverts and then there are pieces of high automotive literature! If you possess an artistic flair, you can put a little more effort into the classified post.

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One example of this is the famous Most Creative Craigslist Advert, where writer Nate Walsh advertised his 1999 Toyota Camry. Or, if you want to splash out, you could post a viral video of your car like the one Eugene Romanovsky made for his Suzuki Vitara ‘96. While both of these were fun, they took a lot of time and were created by professionals.

Then again, who knows what will go viral on the Internet?

At the end of the day, you can sell any car, if you put a little work into it.