The 45-year-old guided his team to their third consecutive UEFA Champions League title win last weekend.

His record at the club reads like a dream: 149 games played, 104 won, 16 lost and nine trophies lifted since taking charge in January 2016.

“I have taken the decision to not continue going into the next season. For me and for everybody, I think the moment to change has arrived. It was not an easy decision,” Zidane said at a press conference on Thursday.

“This is my decision. Maybe it’s a mistake. But I feel it’s time. If I don’t think that we can keep winning, then it’s time. How can I ask more from the players? Big players need a change.”

Zidane’s decision came as a blow to Real Madrid President Florentino Perez, who said he had hoped the French football legend would stay by his side “forever”.

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“As you can imagine, after winning the Champions League, to hear this decision is completely unexpected. It’s a sad day for me and it also will be for the fans and players of this club.

“I wanted him as a player and a manager and I wanted him to be next to me forever, but I also know that, when he takes a decision, it’s a final decision.”

“It was a huge impact for me yesterday when I heard this decision. I would have liked to convince him to stay on but I know what he’s like. All I can offer is my love and respect and remind him that this is his home.”

While the news has left some fans devastated, others have applauded him for bowing out at his peak.