Apparently there’s no better time to have sex than in winter.

This is according to several studies that suggest that men, in particular, prefer having sex in winter and tend to have more sex during the colder winter months, than they generally do when the weather is warmer.

Researchers say men tend to find a woman’s body more attractive when it’s cooler. A man’s testosterone levels increases in winter, heightening their libido and overall horniness.

Sex in winter essentially calls for as much body contact as possible to trap the body heat generated during sex, so yes, you’ll need to ditch your pyjamas for these banging positions.


The bear position is similar to doggy-style, but instead of being positioned upright on all fours, you drop your arms to run perpendicular to the bed, while keeping the bottom half of your body in the air.

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Your partner can wrap a blanket around the both of you as they penetrate you from behind. This position offers deep penetration and great warmth.


There’s nothing better than spooning in winter to keep warm, but it also doubles up as the perfect position for sex on bitterly cold nights.

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It’s a position that favours the ladies, as their partner’s body acts as a blanket and your tight proximity to each other will help build extra heat.


Ladies, you can put on spin on the traditional woman-on-top position by leaning forward and pressing your body against your partner’s chest and positioning your arms wither on his shoulders or out-stretched above his head.

“It’s easiest if you guide him inside you while you’re upright, then lean over so the front of your body is against his as you move,” advises Nicole Tammelleo, a psychotherapist specialising in sexual and women’s health.


This position is complex, but if you’re looking for a deeply intimate sex position, this is the one.

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To pull this off, you need to get your partner to sit up and then ladies, you climb onto your partner’s lap and face each other. This positions allows both parties to share kisses and might help create deeper intimacy.

You can also grab a blanket to wrap around the two of you for extra warmth if you require.