Dagada nurtured his skills as he was growing up and at the age of 15 had already started his first informal business.

“My passion for success kept fuelling new business concepts. I learnt valuable lessons, which was necessary for my growth and the outlook I have on business today, learning day-by-day.

“The lessons I learnt and mistakes I made in the past are the foundation of my successful businesses,” he says.

Dagada’s interest in Bitcoin was ignited while he was in his first year at the University of Johannesburg in 2013.

He currently owns a logistics company, a chain of fast food restaurants and is in the process of developing the first black-owned cryptocurrency exchange platform.

While at university, he opened a laundry and cleaning services company, the profits of which he invested in Bitcoin.

“It all started with a desire to grow my monthly allowance and grew to encompass becoming an expert in the cryptocurrency market and industry,” he says.

He recalls that his business started when a lady asked him to buy her Bitcoin as she was not computer literate and couldn’t do it herself.

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After acquiring it for her in 2014, he notices a sudden change in the price, which meant significant returns.

“I then started researching cryptocurrency and realised that it is a new technology when it comes to money. The vision, idea and objective of cryptocurrency became clear to me; I took an active interest, invested and continue to flourish in the cryptocurrency market,” he says.

Dagada has been able to hone his skills, nurture what he had learnt from the cryptocurrency market and make a great success of it.
He has since been able to teach and empower other people through cryptocurrencies, while also making significant profits from his investments.

“The implementation of cryptocurrency in daily business operations is also something I am very passionate about and I have had the pleasant experience receiving calls for consultation from business leaders in both the banking and corporate sectors,” he says.

He embraces the concept of “failing fast helps you grow” and emphasises that the journey of a successful business is a worthwhile challenge for those who do not give up.

Dagada believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to actively contribute towards economic development, employment and solving problems.

“Every obstacle faced and mistakes made in my journey thus far was a lesson to me.  Be alert and pay special attention along the way, take every lesson you get, and use that as a stepping stone to your next level,” he says.

He says some of the challenges in the cryptocurrency industry have been the lack of information and growing a business without any mentorship.

“With cryptocurrencies being an emerging market, I had to explain the concept and even go as far as breaking down pre-concept specifics usually to groups of sceptical people.

“I have always said challenges are specifically formed for you to take you to the next level, if you back down when a challenge comes your way, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow as an individual in your business,” he says.

He has tackled challenges on his journey and learnt that positivity is the framework of reality.

He has also consulted with experienced various businesspeople to get fresh perspectives.

“I continue to strive, to do better, and grow the cryptocurrency market through staying positive and applying mitigation along the way,” he says.

To expand his business, Dagada has started a logistics company and acquired fast-food chain restaurants, as he understands the growing pains which are expected in the early stages of the revolutionary cryptocurrency industry.

“Without any doubt, cryptocurrency is the future and we cannot change it. However when I made a good fortune through Bitcoin at theage of 21, I invested my returns wisely.

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“I not only promote the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, but am also involved in advocacy and training,” he says.

Dagada has participated in the prestigious Trep-Camp, which takes place at Stanford University in USA, following a stringent selection process. He got the opportunity to present his business concept to Silicon Valley investors and was given an award for being one of the top five pitches in the world.

He has penned Becoming a Millionaire at 21, in which he narrates his life story and journey of entrepreneurship.

“Focusing on my success with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, I also fundamentally touch on factors which shaped my genetics and understanding of business, taking into consideration environments one may encounter on your journey,” he says.