“The feeling is beyond just me. We are honoured that as a business, we are punching way above our weight in delivering impactful work that move our clients forward,” he says.

Chauke told DESTINY that this milestone was achieved through a collective effort from the client on the project including the team that executed the project to a level lauded in global platforms.

“The Gold Quills are such a great validation and we are thankful and proud as a business and our client is over the moon because of the results the campaign delivered for his business,” he says.

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DNA Brand Architects scooped the award at the prestigious International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Gold Quill awards gala for its Steers Respek Nation campaign.

The world’s best business communicators gathered in Montréal, Canada, to celebrate excellence in strategic communication and give kudos to communication campaigns that got the nod at this prestigious event. “Only exceptional work earns an IABC Gold Quill Award,” said Cindy Schmieg, Chair of the awards committee.

Each entry is rigorously reviewed by multiple experienced communicators from around the world who are trained in applying IABC’s Global Standard of the Communication Profession. The award winners represent our profession of ethical practitioners contributing to organisational outcomes.”

The groundbreaking Steers campaign earned DNA the coveted Gold Quill Award of Excellence in Communication Management in the category of Customer Relations.

The campaign celebrated culture through an innovative collaboration with urban culture publication The Plug Magazine. In celebration of the launch of the all-new Rib King Burger, DNA Brand Architects partnered with the publication and curated a visual series that paid respect to the country’s hottest emerging rappers, ultimately driving a movement that became the brand’s most successful PR campaign ever.

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“It truly is an honour to be recognised among the world’s top brand communicators,” says Chauke.

“DNA, at its core, is an organisation driven by the desire to make ‘wow’ stuff happen for brands with an unstoppable hunger for greatness. We are privileged to work with clients like Steers who allow us to find innovative and impactful ways to resonate with their millennial consumers,” he says.

Chauke says DNA has been true to its founding principles and has not wavered in terms of sector or type of work.

“We grew by watering the little plant we started with – bringing together values, skill and energy to our work. Year on year, the business has grown, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach and our ability to continue to add value to our clients and our team,” he says.