The protest comes after a number of cash-in-transit heists.

One of the workers, June, – who did not want to reveal his last name – said they were not asking for too much and that they just wanted better working conditions; to be protected by the police; and also for their wages to be raised because their lives were in danger.

“I have a wife and kids to look after, we want to work without fear and we want the police to accompany us everywhere we go,” he said.

“We also want R20 000 as a basic minimum wage.”

A representative from the MEC’s office received the memorandum and said there should be a meeting between all relevant stakeholders within 14 days.

The workers said if their demands were not met, they would be left with no choice but to embark on a strike.

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The latest statistics by South African Banking Risk Information Centre reveal an increase in cash-in-transit heists over the past five months.

– African News Agency