Most men don’t work in an environment where it’s compulsory to wear cufflinks on the daily, but when it comes to formal occasions, they should be a given. There are many designs and colours you can work with, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Here’s what you need to know before donning your cufflinks:

Putting them on:

  • If you have a double-cuff (French cuff) shirt, fold the cuff in half, aligning the button holes
  • Turn the small bar at the bottom of the cufflink
  • Place the bar through the button holes
  • Twist the bar on the other end of the cuff so it stays secure

Formal cufflinks

When it comes to more formal occasions (white or black tie), you want to opt for more formal cufflinks. Avoid comical or cartoon-like cufflinks (yes, we know you think they’re funny). Rather go for silver, gold or rose gold, with a hint of character.

Mother-of-pearl cufflinks

Casual cufflinks

If you’re not in a strict, formal environment, playing around with the pattern or colour will work in your favour. When wearing a coloured shirt, make sure you keep the cufflink in the same colour pallet as your shirt, but opt for a darker or lighter cufflink for a bit of contrast. Yes, they can work with jeans for a casual look too!

Wearing cufflinks with a denim shirt.

Branch out

Cufflinks don’t only come in metal. Silk knots are pieces of elasticated fabric or silk that have been knotted at both ends so that you can simply push them through the button holes of the cuff. We like!

Silk knots