We all know the common bad grooming habits that turn women off and it’s a no-brainer that long, dirty nails, unnecessary hair and body odours won’t get you lucky. While we all possess some residual caveman mentality in us, the truth is that today’s Jane won’t find the ancient Tarzan sexy at all. To help us spruce up a bit, we ask Hayley Fabricius of The Skin and Body Experts at Men Executive Grooming in Durban for advice.

Bad grooming habits
• Not wearing sunscreen daily.
• Poor shaving techniques/products/routine, ie shaving before showering, or using a blunt blade or not rinsing the blade in a basin full of water with a drop of liquid soap between strokes.
• Incorrect or no skincare routine.
• Feeling that facials are for women only.
• Don’t have regular manicures and pedicures.

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If you’re guilty of the above, Fabricius says it’s not too late to change your ways. Here’s how you can break those bad habits:

• Use a moisturiser with a built-in sunscreen.
• Protect the skin before and after with correct products: You need the bare basics of a liquid acidic foaming face wash, scrub to lift ingrown hairs, a pre-shave guard for heavy beards or a shave medium that softens the hair, post-shave soothing balm and a moisturiser with built-in SPF.
• Book a consultation with a salon to know what you should be doing with your skin.
• Book hands and feet with your facial.
• Fragrance is the no 1 trigger to skin sensitivity and pigmentation. Neutral scents are far kinder to your skin and that also means aftershave or eau de toilette is not a good idea on freshly shaven skin. Rather pop it on to non-sun exposed areas.

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What’s good for you
• Sunscreen is anti-aging and prevents cancer formation.
• A better shaving routine could prevent ingrown hairs, sensitivity and breakouts and shaving becomes a pleasure.
• The correct skincare routine and regular facials should improve the challenges you have with your skin as well as general sensitivity, dehydration and pigmentation (brown marks on the skin). It could detect and prevent skin cancer.
Manicures and pedicures, besides being relaxing, look great and neat. A well-groomed man looks professional.
“You cannot be wearing a Hugo Boss suit and have the hands of a mechanic,” Fabricius says.

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