Many years ago, if you were in a long-distance relationship, you would probably have to write to your partner in a different country or province and wait days or even weeks for a response.

Now, because of technology and social media, we have instant access to one another and this has revolutionised the sex life of long-distance couples.

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Here are the three ways to keep things steamy, even if you’re kilometres apart:


Probably one of the greatest blessings for all long-distance couples was the introduction of Skype, which allows you to see each other when you communicate. This is also a great platform for some sauciness, for example masturbating together while talking through what you’re feeling and what you wish you were feeling if your partner was physically there with you.

You can even play dress-up if you’ve got a steamy Skype session planned. Let’s be honest: this can be very awkward in the beginning, but over time it becomes very rewarding for the relationship.


General everyday communication over the phone is a very important part of a long-distance relationship, but the everyday check-in doesn’t just have to be “how was your day?” or “I miss you so much”. Things can be spiced up over the phone.

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Phone sex requires that you both enter into a type of fantasy and paint a picture of what you would be doing if you were together, visualising it as though it’s actually happening. The great thing about doing this over the phone is that you can hear each other’s reactions, moans and groans and each other’s tone with no need to type anything out.


Textual is the term that has been given to getting raunchy over text. But when you get raunchy over text, it should never be a forced effort, instead, the conversation should unfold naturally and escalate slowly. It’s almost a form of foreplay. It’s important not try too hard when you’re getting sexy over text because your partner still wants to see that it’s your personality coming through. If you’re sometimes weird and sometimes quirky, that shouldn’t be lost in the texts. Eventually when things have really escalated, it’s a good time to switch over to either phone or Skype sex.