There are many solutions and remedies out there suggested for keeping your Converse All Stars as white as they were the day you bought them. But some of these methods come with regrettable results, the most common of these being the discolouration of your favourite classic sneaker.

Mohlaba lets us in on how to wash white All Stars and achieve great results.

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  1. Immerse the sneakers in water with washing powder and keep them in the solution for about 30 minutes
  2. Scrub them
  3. Take them out of the solution and rinse them under running water
  4. Immerse them in clean water and soak them for another 30 minutes
  5. After taking them out of the clean water, wrap each shoe with tissue, leaving no part of the shoe uncovered (it’s also a good idea to add two caps of Jik to the clean water)
  6. Leave the sneakers to dry in a cool dry place for about a day or two

A popular method often suggested for cleaning white All Stars entails using maize meal, but Mohlaba has issues with this technique.

“The thing with maize meal is that it does leave some stains of yellow on your sneakers… so I don’t recommend this method at all,” she says.

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Mohlaba adds that there’s one big mistake that a lot of people make, not only with their All Stars, but with most of their shoes.

“Many people put their footwear in the sun because they want it to dry quicker, but this is the worst thing you can do to your shoes. It discolours your shoes and decreases their lifespan – even the white All Star cleaning method [I recommend] won’t work if you leave your shoes to dry in the sun,” she says.

“They are more likely to discolour this way. In fact, a stain is created in the sneaker because of the water [it absorbs] and that’s why you should wrap your sneaker in tissue, so that the water [is absorbed by the tissue],” Mohlaba explains.